News Appearances & Upcoming Announcement

It’s been a long break for us again, but Faux BoJo hasn’t kept quiet or away from the cameras, between Parliament rising for Summer recess, or rising for what’s now the shallow end of Party Conference Season.

Having made a monumental appearance on the social media page of The Independent , Faux BoJo has gone on to appearing at the launch of the Gina Miller campaign “End the Chaos” in Dover , and had an interview about the raft of “Saucy offers” he’s allegedly received, in the Star on Sunday   😉

But what’s next?  Well, it’s little overdue, but we’re expecting to launch an exciting new chance to donate to the campaigning efforts of Faux BoJo, guarantee yourself an album of his songs, along with other GUARANTEED prizes which we’ll list for bigger donations, AND you’ll get a chance to win even BIGGER prizes, with every entry!

So watch this space, as we will soon launch the