First anniversary re-vamp!

Gawd! Look at the muck, in ‘ere! 😆

Yes, it has been a while since I’ve made any post on the site. The cost of renewal with GoDaddy is such that I might well have to post more often, just to make it worthwhile. A re-vamp was very much overdue for the site, mind, and I’m very grateful to George / Hawthorn Owl for helping us with that.

Of course we have seen the government’s inevitable delay to Brexit, as a first step towards the inevitable demise of Brexit. Good news all round. But campaigning is having to step up, in order to make the effort to Stop Brexit really pay off. As part of that, Pimlico Plumbers helped to provide me with their big Yellow Bollocks to Brexit London cab, to travel to Brussels and back in one day, and then the next day, just before the Easter recess, we drove it around London, with me chanting a Beyoncé/ Gaga inspired refrain of “Stop Brexit! Stop Brexit! We don’t wanna leave any more!”, to crowds outside Parliament and across much of London. Looking forward to doing something like that again.

We are helping to continue inspiring the SODEM protest in Westminster. And although we offer our best wishes to Steve Bray, for choosing to carry on with his grassroots work to keep Remain in the media, instead of running in the European Parliamentary elections as he had planned, we will also expect to offer interviews to European Election candidates in London, who favour Britain remaining in the EU. I’m personally hoping that this will include a Labour candidate. But we really are yet to see.

We are looking to get more entries for the Faux BoJo Sweepstake – so please take a look at the link to it, at the top of the page, and with any luck we will be bringing you news very soon, of some free releases of preview videos ahead of the album recording, and then eventually a timetable for our completion of the album, and its distribution to all the kind friends and campaigners who have contributed to the sweepstake.

Take care of yourselves, everyone. And remember; Britain isn’t ready for Brexit! Because Britain wasn’t ready for this bitch! 😉 *snap!* *snap!*

*snap!* *snap!*


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