FauxBoJo addressing the crowd at a rally in Parliament Square

Faux BoJo (a.k.a Drew Galdron)- known to many as “Boris Johnson’s conscience” – is a professional impersonator of the former Mayor of London and former British Foreign Secretary (August 2016 til July 2017).

Whilst the real Boris is a character so easily lampooned in his own right, Drew’s impersonations feature musical flair and a routine made for delivering the clear message, that:

  • Brexit is no good for Britain,
  • BoJo has made a mistake by supporting it, and
  • in his role as Britain’s Foreign Minister, well and truly – BORIS – HAS – **CKED IT UP!

Keeping up the Campaign in 2018

Faux BoJo is in the process of starting major new projects this year, as well as offering his usual support to Remain and #StopBrexit campaigns across the U.K.

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FauxBoJo with EU Supergirl