The Faux BoJo Sweepstake

Pledge just £5 for your very own copy of the FAUX BOJO ALBUM!!!
And get the chance to win from a selection of other PRIZES!!!

There’s a lot more on the horizon, for Faux BoJo, and his efforts to Stop Brexit!

We want all the help that we can get with this, from all those who share our cause.
But we don’t want your support to be thankless, or without reward.

Originally, we had a simple idea – Record most of the Faux BoJo songs which have been a hit with our supporters in the Stop Brexit campaigns, sell it to them as soon as it’s available for release, and offer more albums if there’s enough interest.

Owing to numerous logistical and other issues with doing this, we came up with a better plan;

Supporters will be able to pledge whatever amount they wish to a “sweep-stake”.
For every £1 donated, they’re assigned 1 random number, which COULD be chosen from all the assigned random numbers, when we draw our TOP PRIZES!


We don’t want good supporters to go empty handed!

And one album for £5 is hardly the same as saying “The brexit deal will be the easiest trade deal in history”!

We’re not messing around!

The Faux BoJo Sweep-Stake comes with GUARANTEED PRIZES, for EVERY pledge over £5!

For £5, you’ll got one copy upon release, of the first Faux BoJo album.

For £20, we’ll also include an EXCLUSIVE Faux BoJo printed t-shirt!

And we’ll eventually add MORE guaranteed prizes to this list (depending on demand)

And from the random number draw which we’ll hold, at the end of the Faux BoJo Sweep-stake, every individual entrant gets a chance to win these TOP PRIZES :

  • A pair of waterproof wireless earphones, worth more than £60 (two available as a single prize, one as part of the ULTIMATE PRIZE!)
  • Your own LIVE PERFORMANCE from Faux BoJo, all expenses paid!
  • Dinner with Faux BoJo, for you plus one!
  • THE ULTIMATE PRIZE : A pair of waterproof earphones, plus your choice of the live performance, OR dinner for you plus five friends with Faux BoJo!

Of course we have to ask for your donation up front, along with a few details, just so we can send you your CD copy of the album(s), and your t-shirt (and other guaranteed prizes that you’ve paid for), once they’ve become available.  But these are all things you can provide us securely, through PayPal, which will not only ensure your details and payment are safe, but also that you have peace of mind, in the unlikely event anything could go wrong with getting your prizes to you.

Getting a happy outcome for all of our donors is a top priority.  But please ensure that you fill out any given forms correctly.

Enter the FauxBoJo Sweepstake

    Your guaranteed prizes will include:

    1x Faux BoJo album1x t-shirt

    Please uncheck ANY items you don’t wish to receive

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