Spring update – Faking it, in the time of Coronavirus

“Germany used to have a tennis player called BOOM-BOOM Boris.  The UK has a BLA-BLA Boris, a HA-HA Hancock, and a DUM-DUM Dominic!”

-Klaudia Karl

So it’s been an interesting few months since I returned from Hong Kong, to say the least.  The Friday immediately after I came home, I was put in quarantine for 48 hours, pending the result of a swab test, because Public Health England needed to be sure that I hadn’t caught Coronavirus whilst out in Hong Kong….  And then I was put in another 63-64 hours of quarantine, because Kingston Hospital went and lost my first swabs, and we had to get them done again! 😫

Needless to say, I did have to speculate as to whether a full outbreak of CoVid-19 would be contained easily enough in the UK, given what we were having to rely on – although I’ll grant you, the workers in our NHS have done an absolutely astonishing job!  It’s just nothing less than tragic, seeing what they have had to work with, and the incompetent government and ministers that they have had to work under.  I can only offer the nurses and doctors who have worked so hard through this crisis the upmost of praise, and if I were prime minister they would absolutely have received pay rises and PPE from me, not just claps from isolated households!

I will give a bit more of an update about my time in Hong Kong,in the near future.  But I did, in fact, experience symptoms of Covid-19 around a month later, at the beginning of March.  I believe I caught the virus in, of all places, Glastonbury in Somerset!  A town with an excess concentration of woo-heads and fools, who imagine that their area will not experience any Covid-19, “because there’s no 5G here!” 🙄

Any significant gatherings will, in fact, spread the virus – as they do with any pathogens.  This is the very reason why the lockdown has been necessary.  It’s unfortunate that I haven’t known just how long I had the virus without symptoms, before I started experiencing them.  But of the friends that I’d around in Glastonbury, before I returned and then became symptomatic, only one came down with symptoms, and it appears that it took him more than two weeks.  So safe to say, I have probably managed to avoid infecting anyone, including my housemates.  I isolated myself as best I could from all three, and the most vulnerable – a sufferer of Asthma – returned home as soon as he could.  He has since only returned to move the rest of his things out, as he was dismissed from his internship since I can only presume his employer couldn’t afford to keep him.  One other housemate has returned to Canada for the time being.  Which leaves only me and one other, at my current residence.

For my own part, some issues such as Blepharitis have continued to linger for me, and made it difficult for me to consider a role such as volunteering in the NHS for the time being – since I wouldn’t wish to risk infecting anyone else, or not appear reliable in any such role whilst my eyes are constantly dry and inflamed with mucus – yuck!  Although as I type this I can gratefully say, my eyes are almost completely relieved of the Blepharitis.

Instead, for the sake of getting through this lockdown, and making some sort of earnings, I have had to consider offering online services as Faux BoJo, which I should be doing from the end of this week.  I’ve also had clients which have included a socially-distanced street party in Brixton – you can see a clip of this on my Instagram.

You can also now follow my Instagram feed here 

And I have also recently recorded an advert from home, for the Afro-Caribbean restaurant chain Manjaros.  The ad is not online at time of writing this.  But I will share it once it becomes available.

There’ll be a few more updates to come, including one of a completely new project that I’m launching!  Entirely separate from my impersonating and entertaining life – it’s actually a blog which will be exploring my interests in both mythology and drinking.  So I look forward to sharing that with you very soon!

I’d also like to give a brief congratulations to Boris Johnson, on the birth of his Xth child.

I certainly hope that this boy will be safer, healthier, and wiser than his father.

Take care, everyone! 

Be kind to each other.  Wash your hands.  Keep your distance.  Stay indoors as much as you can.

All the best!