Plummeting towards 2020

As I’m sure many of you reading this can imagine, things have been very busy for me since July 2019 – My doppelgänger become leader of the Conservative Party, and therefore also Prime Minister of the UK. Work has been plentiful, but campaigning to stop BoJo from getting his way has been daunting, especially when a move at the end of last year clashed with pretty much everything.

(insert general election campaigning photos here)

On the night of December 12th, I went up to Durham, to join Graham Hughes and Adam Lee on their Pubcast, talking over the results of what proved to be a disastrous night, for the Labour and Liberal Democrat parties. It was shocking, that the supposed promise of so much support for a Final Say on whether the UK really wants Boris Johnson’s Brexit deal, seemed to crumble away, in the face of what I believe to be still an obsession with fear, which has infested English culture like a cancer.
So am I disappointed at the result of this snap election? Of course. But surprised? No.

I made plans to ensure that I would not be in the UK at the end of January. So that will explain what you can expect to hear, in the next chapter of my story.

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